Long Reach Swim Club (Swim Team)

Photo by Heather Perry

Long Reach Swim Club 

Competitive strokes, endurance, and fun are the focus of our very successful swim team. LRSC strives to offer a fun learning experience where swimmers will thrive.

An informal tryout is mandatory for new or interested swimmers before acceptance on the team. This ensures that each new participant has the fundamental skills required for a happy, successful experience. The team competes in both YMCA and USA Swim Leagues.

National YMCA Competitive Swimming rules require all team members to maintain an active Annual Y membership in order to participate.

Swimmers involved in a fall sport are encouraged to try out or sign up in September to ensure their spot on the team. The coach will determine which practice group a swimmer belongs. 

Bath Area Family YMCA

Long Reach Swim Club is available only at the Bath facility. Registration opened September 2, 2021.


Contact Swim Coach Jay Morissette

(207) 443-4112
LRSC Website

Landing YMCA

Unavailable at this location.

Snail Darter Pre-Team

This pre-team program is for children ages 5-6 to experience what it is like to be on a competitive swim club. Run by the coaches of Long Reach Swim Club, swimmers will be coached all four strokes, with introductions to starts, turns, and racing. The coaches will require a brief try-out before joining.

Contact Suzi at suzi@bathymca.org for more information.