Nationwide Membership

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Nationwide Membership

For a few years now YMCA members in New England have enjoyed reciprocity, allowing them to use any YMCA in New England, as a visitor, at no extra cost. The national YMCA has expanded this opportunity nationwide. Over 2,600 Y locations participate in Nationwide!

This means you just have to bring your active membership card to any participating Y. Going out of state? Bring your running shoes.

We are committed to helping you stay active and healthy by making sure you can use the YMCA when you’re not at home.

How it works 

Nationwide Membership is designed to allow members of a YMCA to use another participating YMCA, as a visitor, at no additional cost.

Members must use their home YMCA more than 50% of the time in any given month. If a member finds themselves using a different YMCA more than their home YMCA they must take out a membership at the other facility.

How to Sign Up 

Members must have a membership at the Bath Area Family YMCA or Landing YMCA. Members will also need to have a photo on file and sign a waiver.


Email or call (207) 443-4112.