Basketball Programs


Youth Co-Ed Pickup Basketball NEW!

Join the fun! Youth co-ed pickup basketball will start up on Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m. at the Bath Y gym. Games will be reffed. No need to register, just show up and play! Students in grades 4 through high school are encouraged to join.


Kindergarten & First Grade 

This is a six-week introductory basketball clinic for kindergarten and first grade students.


Second Grade Basketball 

Boys and girls will meet once a week to work on individual skills like ball handling, shooting, passing, and more! Practices and games are TBA.


Basketball Clinics (MANDATORY for league players)

Day & Times TBA 
Fee: FREE for league players

Basketball Clinics (MANDATORY for league players)

Boys and girls are placed on teams and will participate in practices and games each week. Good sportsmanship, team play, individual skill development, and above all, FUN will be emphasized! 5/6 grade boys and girls games will take place at the Landing Y on Saturday mornings.


Youth Sports Philosophy

All Bath Area Family YMCA youth sports programs are designed to build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.  We build strong kids and strong families by showing respect, caring , honesty, and responsibility for teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and fans.  The purpose of youth sports is to provide a wholesome environment where youngsters are given the opportunity to build self esteem, develop assets that assist in teaching communication, learn the importance of staying fit, enhance their leadership skills, and have FUN.  It is the goal of the Y to provide youth sports programs that furnish participants with sport specific skills and values that are useful on the court, playing field, gym, or in relationships with family and friends.

Objectives - The purpose of any program at the Y is to help participants grow spiritually, mentally, and physically.  There are seven objectives that characterize all Y programs:

Grow personally: A positive competitive gymnastics team experience can build a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Learn values: Honesty, respect, caring, and responsibility.

Appreciate diversity: Learn to respect people regardless of age, abilities, incomes, race, religion, culture, or beliefs.

Improve personal relations: Learn to care and communicate with teammates.

Become better leaders: Learn the give and take necessary to work toward the common good.

Develop specific skills: Train skills and progressions necessary to help them succeed in the sport.

Have fun: Fun and humor are vital to a quality competitive gymnastics team experience.

Bath Area Family YMCA

Youth Co-Ed Pickup Basketball NEW! 

Check out the description below. For students in grades 4-12. No need to register-just show and play!

All other youth basketball programs can be registered through the Bath Recreation Department.

Bath Recreation Department: (207) 443-8360.

Landing YMCA

To register for Youth Basketball programs, contact the Landing YMCA.

Landing YMCA: (207) 844-2801.