Music Lessons

Make Your Own Kind of Music

The Bath Area Family YMCA is proud to offer group and private musical opportunities in guitar, piano, and strings for all ages. Opportunities are available at both the Bath and Landing YMCA.

Group Lessons (2-5 students) 

A group lesson is a 30 minute slot with 2-5 students Students should schedule lessons with the instructor or at the front desk.
Session: Any
Day & Time: Wednesdays
Location: Landing YMCA
Fee: $25/30 minutes

Private Lessons

Private lesson options are available for 30 or 45 minute slots. Schedule lessons with the instructor or at the front desk.

Session: Any
Day: Mondays & Tuesdays
Location: Mondays at the Landing YMCA
Tuesdays at the Bath YMCA

Fee: $35/30 minutes
$45/45 minutes



Asher Barreras grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and has enjoyed playing and studying music for over 25 years. He started on the violin and studied many of the string and percussion instruments including: bass, cello, guitar, piano, and drums. He also studied music and bass at the Conservatori de Liceu in Barcelona, Spain, under professor Horacio Fumero from
2008-2009. Asher received his bachelor’s degree in jazz studies, training in music and bass performance under professor Lynn Seaton and Jeff Bradetich at the University of North Texas,
cum laude 2010. He has been a professional traveling musician, teacher, and composer for close to 17 years. After living in New York City he relocated Cundy’s Harbor, Maine.

"Music has been my life, and I am happy to share the joy and gratitude music has given me with my students and listening audiences. My sense of discipline: willingness to learn and the freedom to learn. With learning and freedom, it is my hope to create an environment in which the student can thrive in their journey of music," he says.

Asher's goal is to teach students the joys that music can bring to their lives and the lives of others through developing their ability to play, sing, compose, and listen. He believes music has a place in everyone’s life.

"If I am able to help the student uncover a deeper appreciation and understanding of their relationship to music, then eventually they will be able to carry the lesson forward and teach others as they learn to master the art themselves," he says.


Bath Y Facility

Private Music Lessons: Tuesdays

Music Instructor: Asher Barreras

Please register at the front desk or call
(207) 443-4112.

Landing Y Facility

Private Lessons: Mondays

Music Instructor: Asher Barreras

Questions? Contact the Landing Y Program Director.

Landing Y Program Director: Kevin Shute
(207) 844-2801 x12

Please register at the front desk or call
(207) 844-2801.