Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for the Bath Area Family YMCA and Landing YMCA


The Bath Area Family YMCA strives to integrate core values (Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility) into our programs and activities. To achieve this, the following are unacceptable

  • Disrespect for others, the facility, or equipment
  • Derogatory remarks or actions about race, creed, gender, or appearance
  • Destruction of the building or equipment
  • Fighting or physical contact
  • Inappropriate or sexual contact
  • Swearing/inappropriate language
  • Use/possession of weapons 
  • Verbal abuse or disrespect of staff
  • Inappropriate Dress: In all venues, shirts or other articles of clothing with any slogans, phrases, pictures, symbols, or facsimiles that relate directly or indirectly to illegal substances, violence, sexual behavior, or that are found to be offensive are prohibited at the Y. In addition, pants and shorts should be worn so as not to expose underwear. Shirts are to be worn at all times, in all venues except for the Pool Area 
  • Inappropriate cell phone activity. Cell phone or photographic/video equipment use of any kind is not permitted in the locker rooms at any time. Phone calls are not allowed in fitness areas.



  • Each member is required to swipe his/her membership card at the front desk before using the facility, and each member's account must include a photograph on file for safety purposes. All visitors are required to check in. 
  • The Y is a drug free and non-smoking facility and we require that all members, employees, and program participants refrain from using/bringing drugs or alcohol while at the Y. 
  • Children 10 years and under must be accompanied by an individual who is at least 15 years old, or be participating in a supervised activity when using the building. Ages 11 and above do not require a guardian.
  • The Y encourages a feeling of ownership on the part of its members. If you notice inappropriate behavior please report it to a staff person.


The physical and emotional safety of members, staff, and guests who are participating in programs or are using the Y facilities is of paramount concern to the staff of the Bath Area Family YMCA. We reserve the right to refuse admission to, or remove from a program or activity, anyone not abiding by the Bath Area Family YMCA Code of Conduct. We also reserve the right to remove or refuse admission to anyone who: 

  • Is a registered sex offender
  • Has pled guilty or been convicted of any crime involving sexual abuse
  • Has pled guilty or been convicted of any crime against persons such as child, spouse, or parent
  • Has pled guilty or been convicted of any offense relating to the sale or transportation of illegal narcotic, habit forming, or dangerous drugs
  • Exhibits or may have previously exhibited inappropriate behavior. 


Our facilities are not public property. Refusal to leave the facility or property immediately when requested to do so will result in enforcement by the Bath Police Department. 

Facility Usage Rules


  • Hair longer than ear length must be restrained by either a swim cap or hair elastic.
  • Street shoes are not allowed on the pool deck.
  • All swimmers MUST take a soaking shower before entering either of the pools or the hot tub.
  • Food and drinks (other than water) are not allowed in the pool area.
  • Personal flotation devices, floaties, water wings, swim rings, etc., are not permitted, however life jackets and swim bubbles are provided.
  • Children under 3, or those not yet potty trained, are required to wear a swim diaper under a swimsuit.
  • Appropriate swimwear is required in all pools.
  • Always walk on the deck, no running is permitted.
  • Horseplay and rough-housing are not allowed in any area.
  • Band-aids, bandages, gum, and glass containers are not permitted.
  • Children under age 7 must be accompanied into the water by an adult, unless enrolled in a program with rules stating otherwise. A swim competency test is required for new participants.



  • Food and drinks (other than water) are not allowed in the gym.
  • In order to maintain the gym floor finish, users must wear clean, non-marking court shoes. Please bring court shoes with you and do not wear them from home.
  • Shirts are required. It is recommended that participants bring a white and a dark colored shirt for full court play.
  • When finished using equipment, return it to the proper location.
  • Emergency exits are to be used only in emergency situations.
  • When the courts are busy and being used for cross-court games, all games are to 7 baskets, win by one. No team stays for more than two consecutive games.



  • Gymnastics equipment includes high & low balance beams, uneven bars, parallel bars, vault, and rings.
  • To prevent injury, we require that no one use the equipment unless a qualified staff person is present.
  • Keep food and drink confined to designated areas.
  • No street shoes!



  • Do not touch the audiovisual equipment, Fitness Center staff will adjust equipment as needed.
  • A Fitness Center Orientation is required for youths age 14-17 to use the center. Children age 12-13 may participate with adult supervision.
  • Fitness Center staff are available to assist in familiarizing members with the safe use of all equipment.
  • Appropriate attire including a shirt and safe footwear is required when using the Fitness Center. You must wear sneakers. No sandals or crocs allowed.
  • Individuals may bring personal water containers into the Fitness Center, but please consume sport drinks and food only in designated areas.
  • Wipe off equipment after use and return all weights to appropriate areas when finished.
  • Keep weights and bars away from windows, walls, and mirrors.
  • Always have a spotter. Never lift alone and do not perform single maximum lifts.



  • For your safety we require that all racquetball players wear eye protection.
  • Bring your court shoes with you. Wearing the same shoes that you wore from home damages the finish on the courts.
  • Food and drinks (other than water) are not allowed in the racquetball courts.
  • Courts may be reserved no more than seven days in advance.
  • Wallyball players are asked to take down the nets when finished playing and return them to the front desk.



  • Thirteen laps equal one mile.
  • Walkers, strollers, and wheelchairs please use the inside lane; while runners use the outside lane.
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday walk/run in a counterclockwise rotation. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday walk/run clockwise.
  • Food and drinks (other than water) are not allowed on the track.
  • Keep the track clear for walkers and runners. Do not stand on the track to view activities in the gym.
  • To extend the life of the track we require users wear clean walking or running footwear, no street shoes.
  • Be aware of others and stay in single file when busy.
  • Spiked shoes are not allowed on the track.



  • Do not leave valuables in the locker room. The Y is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Only the small size lockers are available for rent, all others are designed for daily use.
  • Remember to walk, as the floors may be slippery when wet.
  • Help us keep the locker rooms clean by picking up after yourself.



  • Adult lockers rooms are for adults only.
  • Each adult locker room has a sauna.
  • Youth members and participants (defined as those eligible for a Youth Membership: high school students and younger) should use the Youth Locker Rooms.
  • Please note that infants/children are not allowed in adult locker rooms even when accompanied by an adult.



  • These three individual locker rooms are handicap-accessible and include showers, sinks, and toilets.
  • Lockers are available just outside the locker rooms.



  • Youth locker rooms are for kids and for young adults in high school.
  • Younger children often need a parent to go in the locker room to help. When the Family (individual) locker rooms are full parents can change their children in the youth locker rooms.
  • The correct locker room to use is based on the gender of the parent, not the child. Fathers accompanying their children should use the Boys locker room and Mothers should use the Girls’ locker room, regardless of the gender of the children they are accompanying.