Gymnastics training increases strength and flexibility, enhancing performance and preventing injury in any sport. In addition to being a sport itself, gymnastics is often used as cross training for other sports like martial arts, swimming, diving, and dance.

Whether you train in gymnastics to compete, cross-train, or just for fun and exercise, the self-discipline, self-confidence, individual responsibility, and sense of teamwork you gain from gymnastics training are positive character skills that carry over into all life endeavors.

YMCA gymnastics classes begin at the preschool level and progress through youth level classes and on to team competition, depending on skill level and interest.

Attire: Please wear a leotard, or fitted shorts and a t-shirt. Hair should be pulled back. Please no long, loose clothing, skirts, or footed tights.

Fall Gymnastics 2020

Fall Session Guidelines-Please Read!

Before Arrival: 

  • If your child has a fever, they should stay home for at least three days and return if no fever or additional symptoms are detected. If anyone is diagnosed with COVID-19, then the state recommended CDC guidelines will be followed. 
  • Please be sure your child has: 
    • A water bottle (water fountains are closed, but we have refill stations) 
    • Gymnastics appropriate clothing (leotard, biketard, fitted shirt and shorts) with no accessories (zippers, buttons, snap, etc.)

At Arrival

  • Please bring your masked athlete to the left side door outside the YMCA (near the preschool playground) no earlier than 4:05 p.m. 
  • Only program participants and ONE adult per participant (no other children please) may enter the building. Participants do not have to have an adult, but please escort your child to the side door and wait while answering Covid screening questions. 
  • Staff, athletes, and one attending adult will have temperature checks and answer Covid screening questions according to Maine CDC guidelines. All students and adults must also sign the Y's one-time Covid-19 waiver. See adult waiver here and minor waiver here
  • Athletes will wait socially distanced on a colored dot on the floor mat until we begin. 

During Class

  • Gymnasts will use our Y supplied hand sanitizer before entering the gym and between events, unless parents prefer to provide their child with personal hand sanitizer.
  • Gymnasts will have access to one bathroom, the first family locker room closest to the gym. 
  • All adults must remain masked, even if watching socially distanced in a chair. 
  • Everyone must wear masks in "public" areas, including the restroom. Athletes do not have to wear masks when actively participating in athletic activities. Please let our instructors know if you want your child to wear a mask throughout class. 
  • Athletes will only come in contact with one another and the coaches. The gym and designated bathrooms are completely off limits for others at the Y. The Y closes at 5 p.m., further cutting down on social contact. 
  • Liquid chalk will be available. There is no longer a community chalk bowl. 

After Class:

  • Please come masked to the side door to pick up your athlete. 
  • Please plan to leave right as class ends in order to maintain a 10-minute buffer between youth and team class. Athletes are not allowed to stay and watch the team girls practice at this point in time. 
Gymnastics Handbook 2020-2021
Preschool Gymnastics
Children will be introduced to all gymnastics equipment in structured. Ages 3-5. Please wear a leotard, or fitted shorts and t-shirt. No long/loose clothing or footed tights.

6-Week Session:
November 2-December 7
Class: Mondays, 4:20-5:20 p.m. 

Fee:  $92 Members, $130 Community

Pre-Team Gymnastics
Athletes considering participation in competitive gymnastics will benefit from this class. Compulsory team skills will be taught. The goal is for the gymnast to compete the following season for the Y's gymnastics team.  


6-Week Session: October 27-December 1
Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 p.m. 

Fee:  $92 Members, $130 Community


Youth Gymnastics
Budding gymnasts or those with a casual interest in the sport will enjoy this class. Basic gymnastics skills will be taught. Ages 5-12. Please wear a leotard, or fitted shorts and t-shirt. No long/loose clothing or footed tights.


6-Week Session: October 28-December 10
Class 1:
Wednesdays, 4:20-5:20 p.m. 
Class 2:
 Thursdays, 4:20-5:20 p.m.  

Fee:  $92 Members, $130 Community


Youth Tumbling
This class is for gymnasts and cheerleaders of all abilities. We will cover tumbling skills, floor skills, rope, mini-trampoline, spring board, and hand balancing.

6-Week Session:
October 27-December 1
Class: Tuesdays, 4:20-5:20 p.m. 

Fee:  $92 Members, $130 Community

Bath Area Family YMCA

Gymnastics Coach: Kym Granger


Landing YMCA

Unavailable at this location.