Gymnastics training increases strength and flexibility, enhancing performance and preventing injury in any sport. In addition to being a sport itself, gymnastics is often used as cross training for other sports like martial arts, swimming, diving, and dance.

Whether you train in gymnastics to compete, cross-train, or just for fun and exercise, the self-discipline, self-confidence, individual responsibility, and sense of teamwork you gain from gymnastics training are positive character skills that carry over into all life endeavors.

YMCA gymnastics classes begin at the preschool level and progress through youth level classes and on to team competition, depending on skill level and interest.

Attire: Please wear a leotard, or fitted shorts and a t-shirt. Hair should be pulled back. Please no long, loose clothing, skirts, or footed tights.

As of May 27, the only class running at this time will be Team Gymnastics. Please review our safety guidelines below.

June Team Gymnastics

Session: June 1-July 6
Mondays & Thursdays, 5:30-7 p.m.

Age: All
Max Capacity: 15 students
Fee:  $100

Athletes should bring: grips, chalk, water bottle, and medication needed (inhaler, etc.).

At drop off

  • Parents should drop off athletes outside the Y entrance starting at 5:15, and pick up at 7:05.
  • Only those participants enrolled in programming may enter the building.
  • Athletes must wear a cloth face covering* and follow six foot distancing markings on the ground.
  • Staff and athletes will have temperature checks, and answer Covid-19 screening questions.

During Class

  • Gymnasts will use hand sanitizer before entering the gym and between events.
  • Gymnasts will be doing their part and helping us clean their mats once they are finished at their station/event.
  • Gymnasts will carry their belongings with them from event to event.

Other Guidelines

  • Team gymnasts will be issued a large plastic zip-top bag with chalk. It is the responsibility of the athlete to bring their chalk to each practice.
  • Gymnasts may use ONLY their own grips.
  • Athlete use of facial coverings are at the discretion of the athlete while in the gymnastics area. Facial covering must be worn in other areas.
  • Spotting will not be available until further notice.
  • Athletes will need to remain socially distanced at events. There will be floor markings for guidance.
  • If someone has a fever they should stay home for at least three days and return if no fever or additional symptoms. If anyone is diagnosed with COVID-19 then the state recommended CDC guidelines will be followed.
  • Please contact Gymnastics Coach Kym Granger with any questions.

*The Y can provide cloth face coverings upon request. Please let Kym know in advance.

Bath Area Family YMCA

Gymnastics Coach: Kym Granger


Landing YMCA

Unavailable at this location.