Adapted Aquatics

At the Bath Area Family YMCA, we believe in inclusionQuite simply, children with special needs are not placed in a separate swim class but are assimilated into all of our regular programming. From our Parent/Child classes to swim team, kids with different challenges are participating in our programs every day.

For children with disabilities, water activities allow them to participate in an environment where it is easy to succeed. Children who are often separated from others by their differences are suddenly on “equal footing” in their swim class. Group activities and normal spontaneous social interaction are extremely easy in the water.

People with autism, multiple disabilities, developmental delays, vision and hearing impairments, and learning disabilities can all gain much from an adapted aquatics program.

We are also aware of the rehabilitative benefits of water exercise for adults with injuries or chronic conditions, and we have experienced and trained staff who are prepared to work with a variety of needs.

Instructor aides and volunteers help modify strokes, adjust requirements, and give additional support when needed. Adapted Aquatics at the Bath Y, means adapting to meet the needs of all of our members and participants.

Ask us about adapted aquatics.